Should i be concerned over the bruises on my legs not healing?!

Question: Should i be concerned over the bruises on my legs not healing?
I don't have medical insurance. I injured my shin in June of 09. It barely bruised on the skin but it swelled and was unbarable to touch. Now the same looking bruise is still there and still sensitive to the touch 6 months later. My son kicked me in the leg by accident 2 months ago the faded bruise is still there and its sensitiv to touch. All bruises anywhere else on my body heal just fine. But the ones from my knees down are not healing. Should I be concerned? Does anyone know the causes?


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A bruise that doesn't heal can be a sign of diabetes, liver problems or pancreas problems or lupus. However, if most of your bruises heal, that is probably not a concern. Most likely these bruises caused deep tissue damage, which is why they do not heal. Shin bruises can take a long time to heal. I do think you should ask the doctor about it the next time you can go. You might even check for a free walk in clinic in your area.…

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I have one on my shin that I have had over 30 years now. Doesn't hurt. You could have just given the blood vessel a mighty wallop. I think that it what I did with mine. I don't think you have to make a special appointment to see them, but next time you happen to see them have them look at it.

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