What is he trying to say this not mainstream science this sound like alternative!

Question: What is he trying to say this not mainstream science this sound like alternative medicine?
Quote Well are body are solid but they are energy that go out

The human body transmit light and information.The human Aura is are own glowing ,living energy filed and goes buoyed are body .The Bio -Photons are particles of light which emanate off all living things.The Bio -Photons transmit information just like TV and radio.The information in are Aura can be captured and stored in a computer.And we can measure are aptitude and balance and energy from 7 energy centers.

Atoms have Aura .The atoms communicated like mini radio stations.And atoms can talk and exchange information. Quote

Can some one explain this better and what is this alternative medicine called?


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It's called bullshit. What you have posted is a load of pseuodocientific hogwash. We don't have auras, auras are not biophotons, they cannot be used to diagnose and heal disease, there is no such thing as an energy field, we do not have 7 'energy' centers.

Ask whoever it is to provide you with the published, peer reviewed scientific data that supports this scam. You won't get it.

Sounds like someone trying to sell a quack device, like a bio-photon analyzer. AVOID.

Hi Rhianna, long time no see.

It's just a load of psuedo-scientific nonsense. Use a few silly invented terms like 'bio-photons' and 'atoms have aura' and hope no one knows what they're talking about.

I know what they're talking about and I can tell you it's rubbish.

(lol@thenoseknows does science! FAIL!)

Thenoseknows: "Quantum Physics" ....LOL utter perfection!

Edit: Hi Gary

And your proof for any of this is...?

Quantum physics.

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