is it safe to smoke orange peels?!

Question: Is it safe to smoke orange peels?
is it safe to smoke orange peels? please dont just say no or yes, give me some reason to believe it is.


Chemically speaking, there is nothing in an orange peel that would produce any sort of high or otherwise positive effect. On the negative side, there are essential oils and citric acid in orange peels, both of which have a harsh burning effect on your lungs (if you smoke cigarettes daily you may not even feel it).

This question probably stems from the myth that putting toothpaste on an orange peel and leaving it to mould for two weeks, then licking it off, will make you high. I've never done it, so I can't say for absolute sure, but licking mould has been known to get people high, certain moulds only though.

I wouldn't recommend smoking the peels, but you could try doing what I said above, I've read about it on the internet, and unless there are just dozens and dozens of people lying to trick people into doing it because it's disgusting, it must do something. If you're into that sort of thing, give the toothpaste orangepeel mould a try.

Personal experience and googling like a fiend.

Firstly, breathing in any smoke is bad for your lungs

Secondly oranges are bad for your heart and shouldn't be consumed

Health Ed, Scientific magazines

yes it is, but banana skins are a lot more effective

personal research

I prefer banana peels

im gonna have to say no... i dont know if thats even possible

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