can you suddenly stop taking your synthriod and go to a natural source from tcm !

Question: Can you suddenly stop taking your synthriod and go to a natural source from tcm and or iodine replacement?
i have been on Synthroid for 20 yrs and am really tired of the side effects i feel when it is out-of-whack. and readjusted to higher or lower medication. I feel i have to give up the "cabbage" family to say that my kids cant eat it . i was just speaking to a tcm Dr and the side effects for Synthroid is ridiculous n that replacing it with iodine supplements is better.

i just am scared that the sudden switch will leave me with heart attack. any advice
p.s i have tried to see my Dr but is impossible to get an appointment with her so i usually end up seeing her assistance that all have different views.
thanks in advance


See a professional Homeopath. As you notice improvement you'll be able to gradually cut back on the medication (not stop cold turkey) and observe results conservatively. Some people have been able to get off Synthroid altogether, however it depends on how well and if your natural thyroid function can be restored and boosted to peform normally. Homeopathy can also reduce the side-effects of conventional drugs in many instances.

Having been a hypothyroid patient for forty years, (now healed by God),I would recommend a Naturopath Dr and get natural treatment
They do recommend animal thyroid, you can find out more by purchasing…
Don't try to go without your medication ...get the best info

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