its been 36 hours since my last smoke, had a bit of trouble getting some sleep last night, so i got my dumbbells as i previously heard online working out, keep you self distracted is the best way to quit weed. anyways around 2 am last night, i found my self not been able to sleep, so i logged on to amazon and i bought a bloody bong! wtf was i thinking?!?!?!?! who the **** buys a bong(a mini bong, 12cm high) from amazon when the main agenda is QUIT WEED... so this morning when i woke up i bought the book 52 ways to quit smoking..... bit hypocrit but...

anyways i'm a second year uni student in the UK, i have been smoking since i was 17, on and off, but never as heavy as for the past 6 month, up to an eighth per day. money is poring out faster than ever, just as much as my self esteem. overall i find that smoking haze, jakira and other high grades, the smoke is smoother and decent with a euphorical high, and i will have no hangover what so ever after wards, absolutely sober after 2 hours, not like when i smoke dutch or cheese, coz the next morning when i wake up, always the groggy feeling and just this drowsiness. i just hate the drowsiness, i want to put my life back together.

but its also so hard with most of my friends smoking just as much if not more... and i'm a good friend with one of the big firm/dealers in the area, who chills in my place up to 5 times a week... his a good friend but i feels like if i really wanna quit, we cant be friends no more....

what do? i know it is something psychological, i really wanna quit, and i will, but is it worth loosing a very good friend?


You can't stop being an addict but you can stop using , i used to want to get high for having a bad day, a slow day, or a good day it didn't matter i was feeling empty and bored inside that's why i was using i felt like i didn't matter to no one so i'm saying you can quit and people do care about you man. I'm almost 60 days clean and i feel better then ever and i don't have that feeling of not belonging anymore. Search for Narcotics anonymous or Alcoholics anonymous meetings around your area there will be people just like you and you can share how you feel and no one will judge you. If you have any other questions just send me a message , and i will be glad to help if i can.

Weed,pills, and alcohol were my drug and all quit all that and more. Weed was my favorite but when i was smoking i couldn't get nothing done my family was upset , and all the friends i used with man when you take the drugs away we were nothing but using buddies nothing else. Think about it man hope i helped you.

I have a brother in his 60's and is still doing that trash. Maybe since 15yrs old. He has never held a job. He worked & after weeks gone by he was told bye. Never failed, all his life. Now & for many years he has lived at mom's. She kinda shields him from the police. When he does something stupid. for the last 20 yrs he can't even hold a job for a day. He's always in a rage, never thinks straight anymore. He kinda seams like he is dumb, stupid. etc....
Plus he is the only one out of 7 kids that has a degree. Figure that out.
It's no point in telling u to stop. I mean, I don't know you or where u are. Plus even if i did and i said stop it! Well ok, but it's never gonna happen. My dum brother would always swear that when he turns 18 yrs old he would leave and never come back.
Your on your own Bro. but at least do something that's gonna ___________blank. Life forever, meet the one and only stupid-es person. He is alive today because he can't think & somebody wipes his behind & puts it back in his mouth every day.

Look The only thing i can advise is a shock recovery
Buy yourself some morning glory seed's

Trip on LSA (seed's are legal)

But before the "trip" Tell yourself your stopping Weed And then STOP!!!

Trust me After tripping on LSA The shock to your system will make you STOP!.

Love and Peace =]

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