MARIJUANA QUESTION! its about my friends piss..?!

Question: MARIJUANA QUESTION! its about my friends piss..?
so my firend wants to smoke with m, WHICH IS TOTALLY FINE AND AWESOME(: hah, but i need her piss before she starts!!!
She smoked today with me, and we want to smoke tomorrow, but before she starts smokeing regualry with me i need to ask her for some piss, because i might have a test soon... so the last time she smoked was MONTHS ago, and then she just smoked today.. if i ask her for some piss tomorrow before we smoke, will it pass a piss test? she doesnt smoke a lot at all, but she might sttart because she likes it, so.. is her piss useable..? like will it pass? (: test poistive or negative? cuz i know it stays in your system for like 10-30 days.. but she doesnt really smoke much, actually barely, so i didnt know if the same rules apply. :p but yeah, please answer quickk! (: i need to tell her before tomorrow!


Nope its in her system. Good luck, try paying somebody younger who is straight edge.

Never mind a piss test what about her mental health ?
Long term use of this drug will give you mental health problems ,over 80% of inmates in UK mental health hospitals started on this drug and the latest findings by the WHO conducted over 3 countries are backing up these findings.

if she had a smoke 2day and she does,nt usually smoke it will show up question.

phd in chemical social indulgence

yeah, your screwed man.
Good luck trying to buy piss.


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