antidepressants?any advice..................................…!

Question: Antidepressants?any advice........................…
hiya just got antidepressants of my doctor there called somthing like calotpram think thats how its spelt the box is dwn stairs.its just 1 a day alow dose gota go bk in 2 weeks thing is im petrified of gaining weight of them does anybody no anthing about theses tablets concerning weight gain as its put me of takin them as ive just lost 1 an a half stone the last thing i want is on put weight on.also any1 no of another antidepressant which dosnt have weight gaina s a side effect?


If it's citalopram the chances are you will more likely lose weight. Expect to feel nauseous for the first 2 - 4 weeks, then the sickness will fade.

They are a very good anti-depressant I know many people who have taken citalopram, myself included, and I don't know anyone who has gained weight.

weight gain is not a side effect of anti-depressants.
some side effects can include nausea, twitching, mild itchiness, headache, but all of these will settle down within days of starting your course of medication.
the weight lost youve recently had will be as a direct result of depression, as depression suppresses your apetite. your medication will help your apetite to return to it's normal level ... this will be the cause of your potential weight gain NOT the pills.

5 years and counting on anti-depressants.

Citralopram. I am on 30mg a day, side effects are rare, if you are worried about gaining weight then watch what you eat (alot of weight loss is through the healthy and sensible diet you eat. please eat responsibly) and do about 30 mins or 45 mins of exercise per day (make sure you dont over excert/dehydrate eat less foods etc) I myslef only came out in a small rash that was for the first week.

The anti depresant you are on is the most common, and most usefull, any other may have adverse effects. If you are worried aboutgain weight or any other worries about the drug please contact you local GP.

You will feel strange for the first week or 2 weeks whilst they are settling into your system after that you will be on the road to recovery.

Trust me I am an alien

See a professional Homeopath instead. It's safe, gentle, effective and has no toxic side effects. Anti-depressant drugs have little to no real effect on depression at all. Moreover, many people are vitamin D3 deficient, and this is the real cause of their "depression". Always exhaust the holistic possibilities before you decide to try using conventional medications that damage your liver and kidneys. You'll find that the worst side effect of anti-depressants is a tendency to commit suicide.

Its probably Citalopram 20mg once a day you have been given (an ssri) Side effects include (possible) weight gains have been reported,but as with most of these the side effects can vary from person to person.The patient information leaflet supplied with the course will tell you more.

British national formulary.( the pharmacists uk guide )

As you worry a lot its:-

but try not to think about weight but think positively about feeling better and then being able to feel that you can go and do some exercise. Go walking and get some fresh air in a peaceful environment away from all traffic. Traffic noise is constantly tiring us. The peace of a woodland with natural sounds is something to behold.

I hope you feel better soon. My wife had these and she felt improvement.

I've taken citalopram in the past i actually find personally it suppresses my appetite you have to fiddle around try taking it before bed.Your doctor won't just prescribe you another antidepressent you have to stick with it.

Sellin em won't make u gain any weight lol

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