Can you help me Swallow a Vitamin?!

Question: Can you help me Swallow a Vitamin?
I need to take Vitamins for extra energy and what not. My mom bought me these Teen Advantage Vitamins. At one point I could swallow them, but that was after I had taken Steriods for an allergic reaction. Now I can't get the Vitamin down my throat. My gag reflex won't let it go. I don't want to crush it, because it taste disgusting. Can you help me swallow my Vitman ,without having to chew it?


I had a hard time swallowing pills at first, too. What I did to condition myself was I took a huge mouthful of water with the pill, so much that it feels like your mouth is going to burst, and then you try to swallow it all in one gulp. The pill should follow with the water because your throat is opening up to take in the water.

I hope that works. Good luck!

Well what u can do, I know you said you don't want to chew it, but my aunt does this. Eat a piece of bread or something and just put the vitamin right in with it. I have to take those same vitamin and I know there not small. Lol but hope that helps

well you can get a glass of your fav drink put ur pill at the back of ur tongue get a gulp throw ur head back (not hard) and swallow!

get some spit in your mouth tilt your head back then drop it down and swallow.i don't get why people cant swallow pills i can swallow a whole boiled egg (no lie)

Maybe you could try cutting the vitamin into a size that you can swallow.

Try to melt your vitamin with water so that it is easy to swallow.

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