For sure way to get back with your ex?!

Question: For sure way to get back with your ex?
Me and my boyfriend dated for a couple months, and broke up around mid-Nov.
I've still had feelings for him, and we haven't really talked since, up until recently.
We've both seemed to matured since then. We don't go to the same school, so I don't ever see him in person unless we are hanging out with the same mutual friends.

What are tips to try getting him back?
Please do not tell me to just get over it, that's not what I want.


If you really want to get your ex back then you should check out this making up site. My friend said she tried to get her ex back and she said it works incedibly well and says she owes her relationship to that making up site...

So if you want your ex back then this might be your best bet

Unfortunately, we can't always have what we want. Its okay to try to get back with them, but I wouldn't mope around about it for too long. How old are you guys? My husband and I have been together since I was 14 turning 15 and he was 16 turning 17.

We all have a love language. Maybe you can look that up and try to figure out what his was. If you guys get back together, then congrats! If not, don't linger on him :) He might be moving on already and then you will know there was somebody else much better for you still out there. It will be tougher I think since you guys don't go to the same school. Good luck with whatever happens!

make out with his friend

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