How do you get rid of a sore throat?!

Question: How do you get rid of a sore throat?
Well, it's 2:00AM. & I haven't been to sleep. this morning, I woke up & my throat hurt. It hurt all day but I just figured it would go away. Well, around 8PM, my nose was clogged & I couldn't get anything out. Now, my voice is going out & my throat hurts worse & my nose is running. I normally don't get sick.
I HAVE to go to church tomorrow night.. But I can't go if I'm sick. My mom's out of town & she can't buy me anything. We have bynadril <--- however you spell that. & thats about it. I just gargled salt water & I've been drinking Root Beer like crazy.
I need to get rid of this by tomorrow! I need to. So can someone tell me what to do?!


I agree with the others, and definitely don't keep drinking root beer! The salt water works because salt helps. Sugar makes it WORSE, especially in the high concentrations of soda. The bacteria (if any) feed off of're taking away the help the salt was doing. End it with the salt after everything else, and I hope you can try to go to sleep. PS Brushing teeth and mouthwash help also. You need some vitamins, so try what you have around. Water will help wash it through your system as well.

you cant get rid of the symptoms by tmr. u need few days of rest at the minimum.

u need to suck on a antiseptic/antibiotic lozenges very regularly like 1 lozenges every 2hrs?

quit the root beer as it's acidic content will only exacerbate ur pain, erode the lining of ur throat.

Get 2 lemons, squeeze the juice into a cup, take about 1tbls of honey, mix it with the lemon juice and sip as needed.
It will help ease the pain and the vitamins in the lemon will give you plenty of C, plus the honey has nutrients and soothing properties.

I wish I knew it too.

If it is a virus infection, it will go away.

if it is a bacterial infection (strep), you might have to take antibiotics.

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