Is it safe to take a magnesium supplement on its own without calcium?!

Question: Is it safe to take a magnesium supplement on its own without calcium?
I want to take a supplement that is good for muscle tension and anxiety and have heard that magnesium does this. However, I have noticed that magnesium supplements often contain calcium as well and that they tend to work together.

I don't want to take calcium in a supplement as I already have a lot of it in my body. Is it safe to take magnesium on its own?


Yes, it is perfectly fine. Read the article in the link below. Good Luck!…

Perfectly safe. Most people are magnesium deficient. You have to experiment with your individual tolerance, too much will give you diarrhea. Not a big deal.
Magnesium bisglycinate is a form that is very bioavailable. Magnesium oxide not so much.

I have been taking it for years for a muscle condition and it helps a lot. I get calcium from other sources. They still work together contracting and releasing the muscles.

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