when is the earliest age i an get a referral from my doctor so i can use medical!

Question: When is the earliest age i an get a referral from my doctor so i can use medical marijuana?
i have a very bad depression disorder on my medical record, and i was wondering if i would be able to get a medicinal marijuana card at age 15? i have a friend who is only 13 and currently has a licenses to smoke marijuana. But he also has a bone disorder that's is somewhat serious, not enough to keep him from going to school everyday and have him playing around all the time( he has a bone that stick out his elbow *he says it doesn't hurt* and he has bones that are like bubble on his fingers) . So my main question is, can i get a referral from my doctor to smoke pot medicinally. Because a lot of people over 18 get medical marijuana cards for "depression" but i don't know if i am able to get a referral from my doctor for something like that.

sorry if i confused you, didn't know how to put my situation in words


For severe issues such as chronic pain, AIDS, chemotherapy, and multiple sclerosis, somebody under the age of 18 can probably get a medical marijuana license. But, for something like depression, they won't give you a license until you turn 18. If you go to a doctor for depression at the age of 15, he will only give you pills.

Proposition 215, Bill 420

Don't even bother asking for it until your 18. You'll just look like a stupid stoner kid that can't score pot on his own, which you are. I live in WA, the most pot friendly state in the country where it's almost legal, and my friend is 18 and has his, and I'll be getting mine soon. Anyone with common sense could get it if they lied, but you're just being a useless prick that can't get his weed off the street when some of us actually need it as medicine. Stop being 15 and grow up, you useless tool.

depending on what state you live in, you can get one now for instance. IF you live in California and you find the right place you can get a card at just about any age. IE a place by my house all you do is walk in talk to the lady behind the counter, wait about 15 min go into a room talk to a doctor and by this i mean he asks you several questions to make sure smoking weed will not severly harm you such as having a lung problem or something of that sort. and you walk out of the office with a card in hand.


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