How can i become a Cannabis Doctor?!

Question: How can i become a Cannabis Doctor?
i have no idea. i really want to be one . im down to study various years for it


I'll bet you would want to become a cannabis doctor . . I can't think of anything more rewarding than writing scrips for stupid people with phony aches and conditions so they can get their legal dope.
You would actually have to go through medical school. . . but you know . . you could probably go to a phony dope doctor and get yourself a scrip and get your legal dope . . Maybe you could get a job selling the dope . . you could be a specialist . . .explaining all the different types of dope you sell and how people react to them, and which ones are the strongest . . mellowest, Wackiest . . That would be a real rewarding job you could train for just by smoking the stuff. But just remember . . you couldn't go to work high, because you'd be handling money . . .best not to combine doping with activities that require mental clarity.

As a matter of fact . . let me look at your eyes . . .yeah . . I thought so . . they're pretty big and saucer like . . almost spun . . have you been taking ecstacy again?

Accredited Medical school, pass the medical boards in your state and otherwise qualify for a license to practice medicine, then 1 year of internship, 1 year as a resident and you're good to go. Figure about 7 years after finishing your undergraduate degree, an additional year if you attend a medical school out of the US, but with an accredite curriculum.

Sorry, a mail order course from alternative, holistic, this or that, won't do.

Are you a pothead? Lol. You can't be just A cannabis doctor I think. But there's a way, be a doctor in the streets?

By the time you get through med school, you will have almost forgotten about cannabis.


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