Is it possible to get "high" on things other than drugs and do it safe!

Question: Is it possible to get "high" on things other than drugs and do it safely?
With governments blindly criminalizing psychedelic plants, what if you could invent a way to get a psychedelic experience on things other than drugs AND without the risk of killing yourself or doing harm to your body?

This is purely out of curiousity just so you know.


not a psychedelic experience, but as for high all i can think of is oxygen! you know when you hyperventilate, you get really dizzy and feel funny? it's that.

otherwise, i think the only way to hallucinate naturally is due to excessive lack of sleep, we're talking staying up for 3 days plus. but i wouldn't recommend it!!

Well there is something to that effect but I'm sure if the Gov has its way it will be illegal too.…

i wish,out of curiousity got any ideas

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