Is there a drug that will make you have an orgasm?!

Question: Is there a drug that will make you have an orgasm?
And I mean you will just have one, not one to assist you in having one.


It wouldn't half be interesting to spike a bar's worth of people all at the same time with such a thing then just stand back and watch the fun :)

No there isn't - but it's a great idea that someone should invent.

There is however an implant that women can get which is inserted into their back (tiny device very discrete) and when you push a button a remote does give them an orgasm. This was found accidental when a surgeon was performing an operation using just a local anesthetic and pleased his patient :)…

I don't think there would really be a market for such a pill. I certainly wouldn't need it. And I have never observed anybody in need of such a pill. Hmm..... I better end my answer right here and now.


You mean like, LOOK MA!! NO HANDS!!! (and no other ... errr ....appendages either....)

Sadly, NO. There isn't.

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