Is something I can eat along with fish oil pills to prevent burping?!

Question: Is something I can eat along with fish oil pills to prevent burping?
I know there are burp free kinda but I already have a large amount that I want to take, but they are very "burpy" thanks :)- v


Try keeping them as cold as possible. They break down in the stomach slower when you keep them in the fridge.

I recommend this all the time. I'm a pharmacist.

A) don't take them on an empty stomach, or with coffee.

B) Buy the enteric coated type next time - that way they aren't broken down until they hit the intestines. There is a valve between the stomach and the intestines, you wouldn't be able to burp it up - they will also be more therapeutic this way, because the good fats in fish oil are destroyed by stomach acid.

C) look for ones that have lemon or orange added as well, so that the fish taste is hidden.

Because fish oil is - well, Oil - it will be better absorbed if you take it with something else containing fat - so, it's certainly better to take it with food, rather than just a glass of water.

Some of us are more inclined to 'repeat' when we take fish oil (me amongst the 'us'!).

I make sure I have something in my stomach BEFORE I take a fish oil (or, more often in my case, cod liver oil) capsule (e.g. half my breakfast) - then I take the capsule(s) and eat some more afterwards.

This has worked well for me for many years - I've not had my fish oil caps repeat on me.

umm, if you have good blood pressure, i don't recommend you consume alot of fish oil. fish oil relaxes blood vessels and lowers blood pressure. too low of a blood pressure is not good. but the burping... that's just what happens when you eat something... i take my omega-3 with a glass of water, and get no fishy backfire burping. but i follow it up with a meal. have you tried eating something after taking the fish oil?... it might alleviate your problem.

You get used to them in short notice. I take them along with other vitamins . .and I don't even register whether I burp or not anymore

Not really...that just kinda happens with Fish Oil. I recommend brushing your teeth after taking them...they give you bad breath.

Yes take them with a meal that contains at least 7% fat, they will digest better.


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