Anema didn't work? Help? Urgent!!?!

Question: Anema didn't work? Help? Urgent!!?
I took an anema (the oil you put up your butt to make you poop) and it didn't work now I can't control when this oil is coming out and it hurts to push the oil out any help???? Oh and p.s I did the anema last night and nothing came out.


you should not be using enemas only as last resort.i hope you been for tests

give it some time, sometimes laxatives take a while to take effect. i would try using a different enema next time. coffee enemas are all natural, and are said to work very well and have lots of other health benefits. here's a link for a coffee enema recipe

how about just plain warm water enema? wear a pad or something in your underwear for now... Also a stool softener would make sense...and I hope since it's gotten this bad, you are drinking water as your main beverage etc...time for a dietary change and some regular exercise to keep things moving in a healthy way

umm give it some time

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