What do you think of smoking weed for the first time on the spring equinox...?!

Question: What do you think of smoking weed for the first time on the spring equinox...?
Okay, so I want to smoke weed for the first time on the spring equinox, on the highest point of a mountain ( currently the highest oint of my city) listening to Here Comes the Sun?

So what do you guys think about this? and please do not tell me that Marijuana is bad, I'm aware of everything I need to know, and I will use it only for recreational use.

Hoping for good answers :D


Sure. Why not.
Sounds like it would be a fun day.
Bring a picnic lunch and a nice bottle of wine.
And perhaps a special friend.
But be aware, most people don't get high the first time.

The "smoking weed is bad" lady is talking out of her a$$. Notice she doesn't name any of the ways it's "bad" as most of the common claims are baseless in nature.

As for as the equinox.... uhhh... sure. Why not? It won't be any different than any other day. Do you even ever actively notice the equinox?

"Hey guys, you dudes wanna come over and use stopwatches to measure how equal the day and night is on the first day of spring??? We can get stoned and talk about how more equal the light and darkness was today than it was yesterday!!"


Smoking anything is not healthy. I am pretty sure this is already known by the asker of the question, as well as every 5 year old alive. Do I think Marijuana is more harmful than smokable, perfectly legal tobacco products? Absolutely not.

Just smoke tonight.

I don't want to sound like your mother, but smoking weed is BAD, even if it's for recreational use. Still, if you insist on it, that doesn't sound like a bad idea.

i dont understand the significance of the equinox, unless its sorta sort of religious thing for you. But go for it

are u rly making that big of a deal over marijuana?!?!!?


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