How long is marijuana detactable in urine for?!

Question: How long is marijuana detactable in urine for?
I'm referring SPECIFICALLY to a urine test - not hair or blood test.
The person who smoked the weed had not smoked it for 10+ years and had three (weak) joints one week ago.
They are doing drug testing at his work so just after an indication....
thank you


Already CLEAN!
3-5 days. 3 if all smoked on the same day of that weekend. 5 days if smoked 2 days over the weekend.

I know MJ

It definitely depends. I smoked weed (a joint), got drug tested the next day and passed. Its cause i pee very frequently. So it depends on your body size and how much you smoke. Also if your active and sweat a lot that helps, so does drinking water. They say 30 days and its out of your system, but it really does vary.

i had weed in my system for like 3 months..but if he wants to pass tell them to add 3-4 drops of bleach to their pee...if they can tell them to add hot water to their pee,their pee will be yellow,add enough water to make it kinda yellow,then add the bleach...this will guarantee that they will pass...if they cant add the water the bleach will still help by its self...

i was told 90 days.... i dont think it matters the strenghth.. he can try to wash out his system, drink nothing but water!

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