I took ecstasy for the first time today?!

Question: I took ecstasy for the first time today?
ok i tried E for the first time today it took me 2 hours to feel the effect and the effect only lasted for 5 minutes is that normal what would u recomend I want to feel the effect longer are there diffrent types? Should i Take two?


You had either a bunk pill or bad pill.

Don't take two next time because you basically have no tolerance to the MDMA and might trip a lot harder if you actually got "good" pills.

I used to roll, and take it from me, it is not always worth the time or money, especially at the price of your health too. You drain all your serotonin when you roll so you'll be lagged for a good week or two.

If you decide to roll again, look up your pills at pillreports.com and check if it's a "good" pill and what to expect from it.

cheshire420 is exactly right. the stamped pills with different logos on them (naked ladies, playboy bunny, etc) are cut with random other drugs like meth, speed, and pcp. You never know for sure exactly what you're taking. normally you should feel the effects within an hour, and it should last for anywhere from 2-5 hours depending on the pills themselves and the dosage. either way, don't do waste your time. you'll destroy your brain and you could potentially damage yourself emotionally for the rest of your life if you overdo it

Don't take 2!!!
EX is bad! Its also Illegal!

Stop whilst you're ahead. Please.

To answer you're question. That's what its meant to be. 'cept you're actually having the effect after 20 minutes. but only notice it near the end.

what are you looking for ?
did you use it for fun or as a sedative ?
if it is so you are so wrong .it would damage your brain.

you are suffering from depression or anxiety.

get help from a psycologist .

Congratulations on admitting to a crime


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