Help with antidepressants?!

Question: Help with antidepressants?
I'm 18 male there about to start me on antidepressants and can tell me which kind there probably going to put me on here's what's going on with me I feel weird almost all the time I really don't like going any where's cause I only feel a little Bit more relief when u home my anxiety is as bad as it use to be but it's bad at times and I don't feel like I'm breathing right And can you give me a little info on it
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Anti-depressants dont only make your feelings better (out of depression) but it overall numbs your emotions.. so say you are feelings sad, depressed, stuck and took the depressant. it will make your depressed emotions to a lower level but at the same time lowers your whole emotions.. so you would not be able to really feel anything, as happy, mad, panicked, etc.

When you say you don't feel like breathing does that mean you are actually hyperventilating/fainting/running out of air or just difficult to breathe beacuse you feel as if you're not alive? If you feel numb and feel difficult to breathe, then that's because of the numb effect the anti depressants bring but if actually, literally you are experiencing difficulty breathing..or even hyperventilating this could be panic disorder/panic attack.
In this case, you need to revisit your psychiatrist/doctor for the correct medications and therapy.

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