What are some Home Remedies for a sore throat?!

Question: What are some Home Remedies for a sore throat?
SO its the top of my throat... and my uvuela? or whatever that little dangly thing in my throat is called :P what are some home remidies? I tried gargling salt water... and mouth wash and i took a sucrets throat reliever :P what are some other ideas?


-Lemon with salt, NATURALLY made orange juice/ just eat an orange...
Medicines such as: -Theraflu :) , and the medicine you rub on your throat it should be in a blue bottle, throat vapor/something like that.

-Past Experiences! :D

I have a family recipe called "hot tottie."
Whole Milk
Whiskey...not much
1/4th Stick butter

1.)Put 2 cups milk in pan/pot until warm(not hot)
2.)Add 1/6 Cup of whiskey and 1/4 stick of butter
3.)Add a fair amount of honey
4.)Stir till hot

The way this helps your throat is the honey that is in the drink will coat your throat with a layer that will sooth your pain. The whiskey will burn at first then it will create a numbing sensation, and help with sleep(if nessecary). The warmness of the milk will also help sooth your throat.

Hope this helped!

Family recipe

What always helps me is hot tea with plenty of honey and lemon juice, and a pinch of salt.

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