Is 600mg of DXM too much?!

Question: Is 600mg of DXM too much?
I am going to do some DXM. I got 2 bottles of gel caps, and total they are 600mg. Is that TOO much? I've done around 500mg before and it was INTENSE! so maybe 600 is too much. What would be the effects of that much?


600 mgs is crossing into a new level,u see more visuals and experience real psychedelic effects like a small dose of LSD,600mgs was always my dose because it was enough to have hallucinations and still be aware of my conditions,at 1200 mgs i was in and out of consciousness having crazy experiences..its straight go ahead.

yes, normal dosage of DXM is actually 300mg.... i used to do multiple drugs a day every day and 300 got me good. 600 is too much, 500 isnt even safe :/ youll probably have zero concentration the next day, your motor skills will be kind of slow, youll get frustrated over stupid stuff. Long term if you keep it at a few 300 mg trip maybe like 2 times a month you wont have problems. But god at regular 500-600mg doses your brain will be fried for a few weeks, or a month maybe. And long term im not quite sure what it will do, im not that old yet

Use of DXM

Please do NOT use ANY type of hallucinogen as they mimic symptoms of severe mental illness especially Schizophrenia. Please be well and make good, healthy choices.

idk but how does that stuff make you feel? write me or leave a note on here pleaseee!!

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