If you boil green tea longer do you get more benefits?!

Question: If you boil green tea longer do you get more benefits?
So we all have heard how good green tea is for you. But my question is how long is it best to boil it... ya know for getting the most antioxidants n-all-that-good-stuff.


No, just the opposite. Green tea should be brewed at a water temperature of about 190F, lower than the boiling temperature of water. After the water boils, shut off the fire and let it sit for 2 min and then brew the tea with it

No you do not. Remember, if you have to question your product, then their is something wrong with it. I am a Shaklee Distributor and I work with chemical free products that are safe for the environment, home and family. Message me and we can discuss this further. I have a list of options to help you get the most nutrients from your products. Green tea is a great way to add to your body's health. Do not boil it long.


Nope. You'd kill off all the nutrients, rendering it useless.

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