A massive dosage, any doctors or medical staff?!

Question: A massive dosage, any doctors or medical staff?
I'm 16 years old, and i weigh 73kg. My uncle takes 50mg Morphine slow-release tablets, lasting 12hrs. Their nicknamed "gray nurses" because their the gray pill not capanol balls inside a capsule. Anyways their 100% legit from the box, not some fake street ****. I took 2 slow release tablets, but i wiped an alcohol swab over it to take off the coating, therefore making it instant release, stronger but short lasting (wanted a euphoria). On top of that i cock-tailed 30mg of valume (diazepam, a high amount but i've had valume multiple times). I also took panadeneforte (2, just because i officially wanted over 100mg of morphine, 101mg ;) ). I also had a maxalon becuase apparently some people vomit the first time they have Morphine for the first time.

Anyways, a 100mg cock-tail should have anyone on the floor, my uncle said the first time he had 20mg in the hospital he was cracking up. I put the crushed up, tablets without the coating under my tongue for about 20minutes, feeling the high come on slowly then swallowed it, I was fine. I swallowed the valume/maxalon/panadeneforte as usual, you couldn't tell if I was stoned or not (even though i was, similar to the effects of oxycontin without as much euphoria, more of a body stone). Im worried that, if I have such a high tolerance, and I break my leg or something and go to the hospital any opium based shots will not effect me as much compared to the average person. Anyone with medical expertise help me out?

My dad was a paramedic and he didn't know I took morphine at the time, i wasn't panicky or anything, i asked him to check my pulse, blood pressure etc just out of curiosity. the morphine DEFINITELY worked, but for a first time user and at that high amount, should it not have had a bigger impact? WITH the valume, like have me on the floor passed out. In Perth, Australia they give 100mg morphine (NEVER INSTANT RELEASE, 50mg instant release MAX) for severe burn victims. If you break an arm you get a shitty pethadene shot (from personal experience as a 14 year old kid). So it is just my massive tolerance? It seems oxycontin/morphine wont work properly on me (maybe because its natural), but Methadone will (strong in fact, maybe because its synthetic?)

BTW, guys I'm not some idiot 16 year old that says "lets take 100mg of morphine YAY". I took 25mg, 30minutes later, 25mg, 30minutes later i could feel its full effects (which wasn't much) so i had 50mg (a whole tablet, crushed for instant release etc). I put it under my tongue, didn't shoot it up.. -.- Just in case you where thinking.


Not everyone reacts the same to all drugs.
I have been on morphine after a surgery.
Big deal. Al I got out of it was a head rush.
Demerol for back spasms and severe pain.
I talked a lot but not high, not dizzy, not stoned and still in pain.
I was also on valium(from my doctor) for back spasms and while I was only on 10mg every 4 hours, nothing happened except I fell asleep. No high, no euphoria, no nothing...no releif from the back spasms either unfortunately.
However, 1 beer makes my lips numb and I get silly and the giggles...
Also tried grass cookies for arthirits pain relief. My eyes felt heavy but nothing else.
Go figure.
Everyones metabolism and reaction to foods, medication, party drugs can be different.
IF and when you do have a massive injury or need surgery, they will deal with it.
Using that stuff without pain and agony is different than when you actually need it.

I'm sure there is people who will agree with you on this, but when you think what do you think about?

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