What is there to know about new weed smokers?!

Question: What is there to know about new weed smokers?
Ok well I have smoked a couple times before and I didn't really notice a difference. But I just wanted to try it a couple more times before I stop for good. So for one how do I know who to buy it from. Also how do I know if its good weed or not and if I am getting ripped off? What like amount should I buy?

Also for me only being a sophomore in highschool how can I get like a bowl or a bong?


first off idk if your want to "stop" cuz you think its "bad".

its not , the only reason its " bad" is because governments could not tax it like they tax alcohol or cigarettes so they claimed it BAD . weed as been used since biblical times , its in the bible and god promotes using the herb in any which way you feel. its a spiritual herb and can be used for spiritual purposes. think of it as getting high opens up your mind and allows you to process things you normally wouldn't , trying to contact angels and speak with god himself becomes much easier.

its also very beneficial to the body

you can google all this info

now for your initial question

the first couple of times you wont feel anything

after about 4 or five times of trying you will feel it and you will know
ask around your friends , who tokes? who don't? ask the tokers who they buy from or if they sell and start to network around

good weed you need to learn different breeds of weeds, names and details about the certain weed
theres some like pineapple kush , hybrid , purple haze , sour deisle , Arizona , green fairy ,etc.

then there is the weed itself to look at if its dry and smells rancid its bad , if its tarlike and you feel like you going to pop a lung from all the stress of trying to pull the smoke out -its bad. if its a nice bright color a bit sticky and smells nice and has that strong herb scent then you have good weed. it also depends on the high it gives you . cheaper weed gives you a less intense high while expensive good weed gives you the good high's you want

buying a bong try finding a way to get a fake I.D and go to a smoke shop other than that find someone to buy one for you. i suggest getting a baby pipe (glass) or a one hitter first and work your way up

first go bet a gram scale i like the electronic ones and know your measurements. or go become freinds with a true stoner they will help you out. and get a pipe it's easyer to cary back and forth to school and for a light weight like you a bong will make you cough like a *****.

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