What are you living for?!

Question: What are you living for?
Yourself, others...etc

Im doubting life at the.moment


The hope that tomorrow will be just a little bit better than today.

We can all feel a bit like that at times.
Even Soloman who was allegedly the wisest man that ever lived came to the conclusion that "life is meaningless" in the book of proverbs.
I disagree. life is a cycle. Many things have died and cease to exist so that you can now live. There is a saying "every single person alive will contain at least 1 carbon atom from Caesers last breath".

For me, I want to make a difference to peoples lives and help them live more comfortably when they are in pain. I want to help people empower themselves to make good choices for their health and how they live their lives so that they are can live as independently as possible.
By example I want to lead people to live a moral and ethical life.
Before I die I want to pass on my knowledge to as many people as possible so that others can develop from what I have learned and learn more.

NZ registered Osteopath. Lover of people and wanting to get the best out of the human condition which is fragile and flawed but very powerful and beautiful.

What's it all about? Why are we here? What's the point? Is there a point? Why bother?.

At some point, we all have probably pondered The Meaning of Life, and came up with a satisfactory answer, which either has or has not stood the test of time.

Here's my answer: Living is for doing, learning and enjoying.

one thing about humans: we are doing creatures. We always seem to be doing something. When we're not doing something, we're thinking about doing something, which of course, is doing something.

Our doing allows for more learning.
Life is for learning? Learning what? You name it. There's a lot to learn.
In the first five years alone we learned physical coordination, walking, talking, eating, A great many facts about this planet, and all the other things that differentiate a five-year-old from a newly born infant.

From five to ten we learned reading, writing, arithmetic, geography, history, science, music, sport. And so learning continued. Some of what we learned early on turned out to be true (the earth is round; if you want a friend, be a friend;cleanliness is next to impossible) and some of it turned out to be false (Santa Claus; the Tooth Fairy; Kansas is more fun than Oz).

Some things had to be relearned-or unlearned-and while releaning and unlearning, maybe we learned what to do about disappointment-and maybe we didn't.

The more we learn, the more we can do. The more we can do, the more we can learn. But in all this doing and learning, let's not forget one of the most important lessons of all-enjoyment.

Joy is an interesting word. It does not have an automatic opposite created by grafting "un" or "dis" or "in" to it. There are pleasure and displeasure, happiness and unhappiness, gratitude and ingratitude-but there is no unjoy, disjoy or injoy, (Can you imagine the word inenjoy?)

Joy seems to be someting that can take place no matter what else is going on, no matter what other thoughts are being throught, no matter what other feelings or physical sensations are being felt.

So it is with living. When life seems truly, um, excremental, we can moan and gron over our fate, or we can-even in the midst of anger, terror, confusion and pain-tell ourselves,
"There must be a lesson in here some place!"
Learn to enjoy the process of learning.

BaTman@Alt/Med. LIFE 101

I'm living for God. To praise and worship him. To thank Him. He is the one who gave us all our lives. All of us should be living for God. There is eternal life.. but only for those who believe in Him. If you are doubting life, please walk into a church and come to know the Lord. Live a new life. I promise you.. trusting in God as your saviour will really help you out. God is never going to leave you alone and He will always be there. He will forgive you for all of your sins. Trust in Him and walk closer to Him. Just walk into a church, and you can start your journey on your new life.

My son. He is the purpose for my life. That is Gods plan for me. Soon you will see Gods plan for you. God is always working in your life making sure that everything turns out okay. Don't worry things will get better.

Apart from my kids, my main focus is consumer advocacy and protection. You have to get involved.

If you are contemplating suicide, remember it is a long term solution to a short term problem.

If you're doubting life now, try ending it and ponder once more.

I'm living for my family, personally.

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