HELP HA HA HEEEELP i cant see?!

Question: HELP HA HA HEEEELP i cant see?
Help my dog can die any minute !!!!?
now that i have your attention it was last week when it started i was bored out of my mind i saw my dog sitting on the couch and i walked on over and decided to fart on his face with my pants pulled down wondering what he would do since his nose is so strong .. i did it repeatedly in an up and down motion on his head... he seemed to take a liking to it since he had a ***** but then again he always does... he went to the bathroom and wacked it off.. about a week passed by and i was addited to it but yesterday my grandma walks in and catches me in the act ill admit it probably looked weird . what should i do... should i do it to her. has anyone else had this happen


Yes well see, I am amusing your grandmother may have been a llittle worried the dog was cheating on her with you. I think you should ask her to join next time family time is always good anyway to bond you should, Thanks for such a great question I hope I helped.


is next stage you humping dog

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