How to Reverse Wellbutrin Side Effects!!!?!

Question: How to Reverse Wellbutrin Side Effects!!!?
I took Wellbutrin **150mg** for 3 days... that's 1 pill a day then I stopped (to many side effects) I use to have sex 8-9 times a day and now I maybe have sex one a month and that's only because my partner is in need I don't really have an interest in it! I need this to change!! it also effected my drinking. I liked to have at least one beer or a drink when I got home from work plus im a very social drinker now I cant have a sip of a beer or drink or i feel like something it really wrong and i get panicky and absent minded also a bit faint.... I need to fix this soon too. iv been off it for maybe... this is month 4 but still I only took THREE pills....


3 days of that pill would not have side effects that last 4 months. Something else is going on. Wellbutrin is a med for depression and loss of interest in sex and anxiety could be related to that. Wellbutrin is usually not one of the anti-depressants that have sexual side-effects. It may intensify the effects of alcohol but only on the day you take it. That med is out of your system. See a doctor or therapist to figure out what is really gong on.

Did you switch to another med when you went off the Wellbutrin?

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