taking shrooms and or acid?!

Question: Taking shrooms and or acid?
Ok I really want to some good advice here. Ive been considering taking acid for quite some time now. in fact i was literally a second away from taking it but then doubted myself. i figure anything like that i take i need to be 100 percent on board about. but recently was asked to do shrooms which i really wouldnt mind. but i just wanted some advice really about shrooms, acid, or just hallucinogens in general. and please dont leave anything like "oh youll die" or anything. im not stupid and am not scared about doing these, and i hate when people try to scare kids into not doing drugs because of that reason. i just dont know if i will enjoy them or not. thanks


i'd recommend shrooms over acid for sure, and the main thing with doing hallucinogens for the first time is being 100% confident and even excited. You always want to make sure your with people you get along great with and like and that you're in a comfortable environment.. as long as you think and feel positive you'll have a blast..

one more tip, dont do it in a party setting at first, or ever imo.. Good luck, be safe and have fun!

experience bra!

Depends on wat kind of trip u want. When I did shrooms I seen more funny stuff luaghed a lot and things like skin an cloths felt good. Acid I seen things had more energy but for me it wasn't as intense. Shrooms for me r better , an acid can last longer then expected

1. Do shrooms first. Trust me. Take a low dose and wait thirty minutes to see how it affects you.
2. Have someone with you whom you trust.
3. Let the experience guide you. If you want to turn on music, do it. If you want to take a walk in the park, do it. Just go with the flow!
4. Lastly, don't eat right before or in the beginning of the trip. You'll likely throw up if you do. After a couple of hours, if you want to eat, do it! I usually end up wanting to go buy some food (Dunkin Donuts, usually!). Going out for it is an adventure! Don't drive, though.

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