How can i heal down there?!

Question: How can i heal down there?
I was put on two different antibiotics to cure a bacterial infection two weeks ago. While taking these antibiotics i noticed i had gotten a yeast infection. I bought some over the counter stuff to get rid of the yeast infection and it helped al ot. I thought i had gotten rif of it. The package says to wait until the vagina is healed to haveintercourses ( which is supposed to be 7 days). Me and my husband had sex on day 4.. we didn't wait the full 7 days. After having sex my symptoms of the yeast infection came back.. What is going on here? I don't know what to do... i can't afford to go to the doctor right now..


When put on antibiotics, your risks of getting a yeast infection increase drastically. You should have been cautious of everything you were doing while on the antibiotics. They usually prescribe pro-biotics or something similar to prevent the risk of a yeast infection when you're put on a strong antibiotics. When you got the yeast infection (which is common while on antibiotics) you started taking an over the counter medication. You didn't follow the directions. A yeast infection is an imbalance of the bacteria in and around a woman's vagina. When you had intercourse while you were also trying to heal your yeast infection, it introduced new bacteria. Don't forget, men can also develop yeast infections! I think you will be fine. Just restart the treatment for the yeast infection again, only this time NO SEX for 7 days. :]

Try taking some pro biotics. you get them anywhere. They will put the good bacteria back to fight against bad bacteria and are expecially good for yeast infection.Get the highest count bacteria you can find.

Sometimes the male can carry a yeast infection. Buy another kit and go the week without. buy the one that also has the tube of cream and use it on him just in case.

You forgot to mention the shot your doctor gave you for the STD (they don't give shots "just in case" and they don't give them for BV either).

Go back to the doctor - it is quite possible you still have the STD and that the shot he gave you didn't work - which means it's possible your BF has it as well. Furthermore, yeast is like a real, real bad sore throat for your girlie parts, so I don't care how good looking the BF is, don't screw him - THAT among other things is what prevented you from healing, and you probably need to be treated with another medication for the yeast as well, since the OTC stuff didn't do the trick.

I know you don't want to - but you need to - these guys provide care on a sliding scale.
Call the nearest one near you - they can often help you find low cost care near you even if they can't help you...

Good Luck - don't ever lie to health care providers, you only hurt yourself.

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