Dimethylglycine? What is its effects?!

Question: Dimethylglycine? What is its effects?
One site from google claims that dimethylglycine improves communication skills, well-being, and social interaction. Is this real? i can't find clear evidence ;


Not really but maybe. DMG does help how your body can utilize Oxygen and I've seen more than a few brain health products that had DMG because of that (helping Oxygen supply to the brain, for example)... but just because it can help you think better or help your mood (more indirectly than directly) doesn't mean that everyone will feel the same way. Most of the ones I've seen that even mention stress or imply behavior or anything are mostly B Complexes with some DMG (partially to help the nutrients get in the system, it seems), but the B Vitamins help more with recovery from stress than any of the other ingredients in it.

Communication skills and social interaction are learned skills that you can't get from a pill... but there are some pills that help to reduce inhibitions (which alcohol also can do, which is why people do really stupid things while they're drunk). I've never heard of DMG helping with inhibitions one way or the other and usually when you can't find clear evidence, it's more proof that it doesn't really do that and is only marketing spin (or scam artists trying to justify an inflated price).

Don't get me wrong, DMG is great for immune system, circulation, and even cardiovascular health... but it's a really big stretch to say that it would help socialization skills in any way. You could certainly try it out to see how it works for you, but most of the DMGs I've seen are rather pricey so it may not be worth it at all. Good luck and I hope I helped!

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