Is Orovo a Scam or Does it Really Work?!


Is Orovo a Scam or Does it Really Work?

I want to know if the product is effective (any positive or negtive testimonials)

If the business opportunity is worthwhile.

And if their other products are any good


I bought and signed up for Orovo on 7 weeks ago. Its sold on eBay for about $50/bottle but you can buy it on for only $39.99. I also bought their acne scrub called Exfozit and their idebenone aging cream called Idebenox.

Orovo is AMAZING! In 6 weeks of taking it I have lost 12 pounds. I haven't noticed a reduction in wrinkles but my acne is totally gone (could also be due to the Exfozit). My energy levels are through the roof and my mood and happiness levels are at all time highs.

As far as the business opportunity is concerned they pay you $10 for the first six people you refer, $7/month for the next 36 people, and at least $0.75/month for the nex 54,000 people (that number seems pretty far fetched!)

I referred my brother who is really health & business crazy (we all know someone like that!). And he's the only person I've referred. He has since referred 42 PEOPLE! I got a check form Orovo two weeks ago for $171.25.

So the busines opportunity has been great for me. If you now just one person who is into health/business you should succeed really easily too.

I'm not sold on Orovo as an anti aging pill yet but the weight loss and reduction in blackheads and acne is sensational! Try it!!!

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