What's the best high cholesterol alternative medicine?!


What's the best high cholesterol alternative medicine?


Some Home Remedies to reduce high cholesterol.
* Walking also helps to reduce cholesterol levels to a great extent. Moreover it also helps to increase the good cholesterol, which helps to prevent the heart disease. Regular physical exercise also plays an important role in lowering LDL cholesterol and in raising the level of protective HDL.
* Prepare a mixture of 1 tsp. of roasted chicory root, 1 tsp. of lime flowers, ½ tsp. of fenugreek seeds,½ tsp. of ginger rhizome, 1 quart of water. Boil all ingredients, let it cool, strain. Drink 2 cups a day.
* Chromium also helps in the formation of cholesterol, fats and protein. Chromium maintains stable blood sugar levels through proper insulin utilization and can be helpful for people with diabetes and/or hypoglycemia.
* Ginger reduces cholesterol and thins the blood and thus improves the circulation.
* Guggul decreases LDL by 35% increases HDL by 20 % in 12 weeks, and helps to prevent arteriosclerosis.
* Take 2-3 cloves of garlic daily to reduce the cholesterol.
* Take finely chopped small onion and mix it with 1-cup buttermilk along with 1/4 teaspoon of black pepper powder and drink.
* Fenugreek seeds help to control high serum cholesterol.
* Turmeric helps by lowering serum cholesterol and by preventing the formation of the internal blood clots improves circulation and prevents heart disease and stroke.
* Onion juice can be taken to reduce cholesterol, clean the blood, and regulate the heart.
* Mix a teaspoon of powdered methi seeds in a glass of water and take in the morning on an empty stomach for a month.
* Bran cereals are a very good source to reduce cholesterol. Eat some bran after each meal.
* Lecithin is a fatty food substance and is found mostly in the phospholipids, is beneficial in case of increase in cholesterol level. It breaks up cholesterol into small particles, which can be easily digested by the body. With sufficient intake of lecithin, cholesterol cannot build up against the walls of the arteries and veins.
* Vitamins B6, choline, and inositol are effective in reducing the level of blood cholesterol. The patient should take sufficient quantities of vitamin E-rich foods such as sunflower seeds, safflower, soyabean oils, butter, and sprouted seed and grains.
* Regular drinking of a decoction of coriander seeds helps lower blood cholesterol.
* Ishabgul has been found vary useful in the treatment of high cholesterol level.
* Persons with high blood cholesterol level should drink at least eight to ten glasses of water every day.
* Prepare a mixture of a glass of water & 1-2 gms of powdered cinnamon. Filter this mixture & add a spoon of honey to it. Drink this solution once a day for 15-25 days. This would control cholesterol.
* Prepare a solution by adding cactus and lemon and garlic. Drink one cup every day in the morning and in one-month cholesterol will go down.


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