I am suffering from the sexual impotency, early ejaculation and less erection...!


I am suffering from the sexual impotency, early ejaculation and less erection...Suggesst Some good homeo medic

Due to high masturbation from early age I have lost my vigour. I have find out the information of homeopathic medicin agnus castus and all the symptoms are nearly matched to have this medicin... I dont know what potency and dosage will be beneficial or suitable to me. Also If exact potency information be known to me I will directly purchase it from market. (Kindly suggest as per the availability in Indian Market.



You should get your health checked out, get a Dr to make sure it's not mechanical.
I don' t know what potencies are available in India, but generally the lower the potency the more often you are likely to need to repeat the remedy. If it matches the symptoms the remedy will work no matter what the piotency is. If you can start with a 30C, take the remedy once and see how you go. you can always go higher if you need to.
However there are many Homeopaths in India from what I understand, why don't you take the guess work out of it and see a professional?

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