What is the scope of homeopathy in different countrys?!


What is the scope of homeopathy in different countrys?


I just found this by Stuart Close:

"The scope of homoeopathy is a subject, which has received too little consideration by teachers and practitioners alike. Hazy and confused ideas prevail. As a result we find on the one hand a few sincere but misguided enthusiasts attempting the impossible and bringing ridicule upon themselves, and on the other hand, the great majority, ignorant of the higher possibilities, missing their opportunities and bringing discredit upon themselves and their art by resorting to unhomoeopathic measures in cases which could readily be cure by homoeopathic remedies. One believes too much, the other too little. Neither one knows why he succeeds in one case and fails in another.

"Haphazard cures do not justify boasting. The art of pharmaco-therapeutics in general, and of homoeopathy in particular, is not advanced by such work. What we need is clean-cut, scientific work; work capable of being rationally explained and verified; results attained by the intelligent application of a definite principle and a perfected technic in a sharply delimited field.

"The therapeutic principle is known; the technic of prescribing has been developed; a large number of remedies have been prepared; but the field of action has not been clearly defined.

"In this respect we are like an army which is wasting much good ammunition trying to search out a hidden enemy of whose exact location it is ignorant."

I would only add that the "principle of simila" and the concept of dilution as part of the philosophy and practice of homeopathy have been widely debated among heavy-weight Clinical Herbolgists. There are so many flaws in homeopathy, though there you'll find a good deal of very effective formulas. And surprisingly as it may be, the formulas with higher concentrations--as opposed to their criteria of effectiveness--are the ones proving to be more efective in patients.

Yes, homeopathy abides by the same principles and rules of interpretation wherever practiced.

Good luck! :)

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