Alpha-lipoic acid acetyl-L-carnitine combination--fountain of youth?!


Alpha-lipoic acid acetyl-L-carnitine combination--fountain of youth?

Is there any truth to that Berkeley study that says taking Alpha-lipoic acid and acetyl-L-carnitine together provides a serious energy boost and slows down the aging process. Has anyone out there tried it?


The Packer Institute, at UC Berkeley, has been studying antioxidants for about 40 years and has collected more data than anyone you'll find on this board to even know exists.

Read "The Antioxidant Miracle" by Dr Lester Packer for validated information on antioxidant research and what the benefits really are.

Yes, there is substantial evidence that these things can benefit people, as long as you understand what the term "anti-aging" actually means along with its supporting biochemistry. The reason why some people think this sort of thing is BS is because they don't actually understand what "anti-aging" refers to so they make up their own definitions and standards.

There are specific, measurable, biomarkers associated with the aging process. Read how those are affected by nutrition, including antioxidant support.

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