Is mixing these drugs or suppliments okay?!


Is mixing these drugs or suppliments okay?

Is mixing, GINGKO BILOBOA120mg/daily(brain food for focus and alterness), L-theanine 200mg/daily(relaxation -- known to help with stress), Antenolol 50mg daily(high blood pressure), and FISH OIL100mg/daily (suppose to help with brain development) okay?

I just want to know if someone out there knows cause I've been taking those every morning all at once and just wanted to see if that was okay. I take two ginkgo biloba capsules daily, two L-theanine capsules daily, one high blood pressure medicine daily, and one fish oil. I'm thinking of added ONE A DAY FOR MEN too! I Take all of these in the morning all at once.

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4 weeks ago
I'm fine now and have been doing this for a week now. I actually need to go see a doctor about the high blood pressure thing. I'm due in two weeks for the visit. :D


I have taken that combination before and I am fine. I really think you don't need to worry about it. I took WAYYYYYYY more supplements and pills than that. I typed it up for my doctor and she said "fine"- "good job". But it wouldn't hurt for you to type up a list so your doctor knows everything you are taking. Good luck.

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