What are natural ways to relieve migraines and chronic daily headaches?!


What are natural ways to relieve migraines and chronic daily headaches?

I don't really want to take meds for headaches, because I already take a bunch for other stuff and I hate pills. i want to take something by tea form preferrably. What is good for that?

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1 month ago
I have a bladder problem (IC)that prevents all types of foods and certain types of meds. The only rx out there for it I can't take anything like tylenol or aspirin with it because of the bleeding risks. I have had them all my life and I do throw up with them. Just recently I have been getting them about every day or every other day.

1 month ago
I also want to add, that I drink about 10-12 cups of water a day. Because of my IC that is the ONLY thing I can actually drink that doesn't bother my bladder. I do get sick of it but if I drink anything else I suffer the consequences.


There are several natural ways to relieve migraines. You will need to find the ways or way that suit you best:

1. acupuncture

2. feverfew supplements

3. biofeedback therapy

4. changing your sleeping postures

5. magnesium supplements.

Your headaches may be triggered by stress, so drinking a cup of chamomile or lavender tea may just help you relieve your anxiety levels.

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