What is Tru Noni juice?!

Question: What is Tru Noni juice?
I over heard a lady at Starbucks today sharing with her friend how something called Tru Noni juice changed her life. I am not sure what it is.


Tru Noni is a tropical fruit juice from Hawaii. The Polynesians have been using it as a medicinal food for the past 3,000 years. Something tells me if it didn't work they probably wouldn't have brought the fruit with them from Island to Island until it reached Hawaii about 1,600 years ago. My wife has been drinking Tru Noni juice for the past two years and it has helped her greatly with the painful effects of fibromyalgia.

Here is a link that will answer most of your questions and more:

The folks who call it a scam are more then likely thinking about TAHITIAN NONI INTERNATIONAL's juice that is a multi level company.


It's a hyped-up fruit juice that costs $25+ a bottle. It has no miraculous properties and you can get similar benefit from "normal" juices.

Just a product trying to cash in on the Noni scam. The lady was most probably tied up in some MLM thing.

It's a fruit juice based health scam. Don't waste your money.

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