Me and my best freinds mom?!

Question: Me and my best freinds mom?
So me and my best freinds mom have been doin each other for the past couple of week.( dont worry i am of age) but she is single and super fine. She is also the best in the sack. The problem is i cant keep sneekin around my freind. what should i do and dont tell me to stop plz.


Ask his mom what SHE thinks.

Try posting this in the correct section. Its got nothing to do with altmed.

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If this isn't just a hilarious joke, then thats just reeaaal f****'d up man. No one would sleep with there best friends mom


I think you should tell your friend, just to see the look on his face.

if you dont want to stop or sneak around then tell him...idiot. let him bang your mom

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