Cure to Stomach Ache?!

Question: Cure to Stomach Ache?
I have a really bad stomach ache, I am Hollistic/Raw foodist/ homeopathy so please anything that can make it go away but it has to be natural like herbs or a certain food. (Aspirin is NOT natural.)



Get a beginners book on Homeopathy for the future and a starter remedy kit. Without knowing the rest of your symptoms and what you've been eating lately it would be impossible to tell which remedy would do the trick. If you do this you can fix yourself in the future. The key isn't the name of the problem "stomach ache". Is it food poisoning, the flu, sensitivity to a food...?
You can try a 1/4 tsp. of powdered ginger in a glass of warm water. A dose of magnesium oxide powder. A tsp. of apple cider vinegar in warm water. These are all generic home remedies that may or may not do it for you. Good luck.

if u r on ur periods den go for heating pads and also ovide stuff with cafine during periods and if its that bad then speak to a specialist....

u can chew on some ginger root...just like natural gravol

Oh, simple.. Cannabis.

heating pads.

drink of cold milk.

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