Natural homemade remedies?!

Question: Natural homemade remedies?
So ive been intrested in herbs and things like that. Does anyone know any cures or something. Like plants that help bellyaches, or help stanche bleeding. Things you could walk into your garden and pick. Then apply without having to boil and stuff. Please help!


Aloe vera is used to treat minor burns. Just snip off a leaf and slice it open; apply the gel to the burn. Fresh basil leaves help draw the poison out of bee stings and helps relieve itchy skin and also is used to get rid of warts. Rub leaves on skin. Chamomile tea helps relieve anxiety and stomach aches. Garlic has antibiotic properties and has even been found to kill the bacteria that causes ulcers and can lower cholesterol. Ginger relieves morning sickness and motion sickness. Chew on mint leaves to relieve indigestion. Red pepper is a pain reliever, rub on the skin. It burns at first, but desensitizes the nerves. Rub marigolds on bee and wasp stings to reduce swelling and pain. Chew parsley leaves to aid digestion and freshen breath. Hope this helps!

clove oil for toothache

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