My doctor terminated me for breach of narcotics contract?!

Question: My doctor terminated me for breach of narcotics contract?
I used 2 pharmacies to fill prescriptions. I have serious back pain and I admit I have become adicted to pain relievers. I had requested a refill of my lortab and the receptionist said they had ran my name through the narcotics bureau and I had used 2 pharmacies so my doctor was terminating our doctor patient relationship. Now I need a new doctor but will my new doctor prescribe me the same medications I've been taking for 2 yrs if I tell him what I've been taking and its the only thing that works??


You can have your medical records forwarded to a new physician, usually with a simple medical records release waiver. This way a new physician can review your medical care under the doctor who "fired" you.

Physicians might be hesitant to take you on as a patient because of the over-use of your prescriptions. It might be time to look into your treatment options for the pain you experience. Portable T.E.N.S. units, surgical interventions, chiropractic care, acupuncture, and physical therapy might be things to look into.

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I have serious back pain and nerve damage from a fractured back and spinal fusion. MY dr treats me with Ms contin 100mg 5 x day and norco 100mg 4 x dayt and muscle relaxers. MY dr doesnt seem to be concerned even though I use 2 pharmacies. He refills then every month. So I don't get the 2 pharmacies thing.

I think you need to check yourself into drug rehab so you can break the addiction. Then try another doctor and tell them your experiences, and be honest, and try to find a less additive way to treat your pain.

Have you considered medical marijuana? It could help.

you abused your drugs.

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