is it possible to use stem cell research instead of animal testing for developin!

Question: Is it possible to use stem cell research instead of animal testing for developing medications and drugs?
and if so how exactly and specifically?


Chick in the yellow hat obviously doesn't understand that stem cells are found in many regions in the body, not just embryo's. Maybe an education should be a pre-requisite to having an opinion.

Republicans and religious nut jobs keep us from being able to save lives and improve quality of life, left, right and sideways just because they don't understand basic science or see fit to thrust their cock-eyed and wrong beliefs on the rest of us.

Edit: Thank you, dude.

Not replace it completely, no. However, it would make drug testing much safer as it would flag up issues at a fairly early stage. It's probably a lot cheaper too.

The problem is, you've got some people, like the chick above, who think that embryonic stem cells are people. So, science faces a constant battle with ignorance.

I would think not, since animals are used to produce immune genes in their body, and a stem cell can't do that since it is a "developing" cell.

Bio class :-)

No and it never will be.

There is no alternative to an animal model. No other system has every organ working together.

when doing stem cell research you still need to test it out and the FDA won't let anyone use something on a human that has not been tested. You would still need to use lab animals.

Yeah, but you'd have to make a human out of those stem cells and test on him.

To some extent yes. But you'd have to have an independent lab (not one's run by the drug companies) performing the tests, otherwise they'd be just as skewed and dishonest as the results are now.
There is tremendous healing potential in the stem cells of plants which is used in a form of medicine called Gemmotherapy, developed by researchers in France over 40 years ago. It has produced spectacular results in healing a wide range of chronic diseases. It's inexpensive and requires no animal testing. Holistic medicine is way ahead of the game.

....cos potentially harming an animal is more ethical than definitely killing a human being.
Stem cells don't grow on trees ya know

Edit: 'Chick' below
They have the potential to be.

Edit: Tink. I am well aware there are other forms of stem cells other than taking them from embryos. 'Adult' stem cells?
I simply reference embryonic stem cells because that is the area of stem cell research currently receiving the most research money. Because adult stem cells can only be used to grow the organ they were grafted from.
Dont' assume that because I have a different belief from yours that i'm uneducated. Or republican for that matter...

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