I'm 15 can my parents force me to take Prozac?!

Question: I'm 15 can my parents force me to take Prozac?
I have been taking Prozac for a little less than a year. I have gained about 2 pounds and that was probably my own fault because I never watch what I eat and I love to eat fast food. Lately I have been concerned about the things I have been reading and hearing about Prozac and how unhealthy it is, especially for a girl my age (I'm 15) and will be 16 in about a month. I have heard Prozac causes brain tumors, brain damage, brain fog, strokes, heart attacks, heart defects, weakness, fatigue, and difficulty breathing. My mom says none of that stuff will happen to me but in my defense some of it already has. I get brain fog during school and it is difficult for me to pay attention by my third block class, and I do eat snacks between every class so it would not be because I was hungry or something. I am very fatigued as well. Before I took Prozac I used to run around and play and so much energy, now all I feel like is getting on my swing. I have difficulty breathing and it is difficult for me to ride my bike or rollerblade as much as I used to because I don't have the energy or the breath. I feel if these side effects can happen to me so can the long term ones, and I don't want to take it any longer and possibly risk that. My mom is trying to make me take it because she supposedly claims I "need it" when I'm not even depressed and it is an antidepressant. I have never been depressed or engaged in any kind of activity that would lead her to think that, I was facing a lot of personal issues at the time and she said "if I can't handle personal issues I need it" but I can handle her every day isn't that enough lol. Anyway since I'm almost 16 can I legally refuse to take it? I mean I feel like I should be able to decide what goes in my body but thats just me.


just pretend to swallow it. go to the bathroom and spit it in the toilet. that's what i do when somebody tries to make me take a pill that i don't need.

you could always run away

Did your family doctor prescribe this for you or what?
There's something wrong with this picture...
Prozac is not supposed to be prescribed for anyone under 18 years of age. It actually causes depression and suicidal tendencies. If your mother is giving this to you without a prescription she's commiting an illegal act. If your doctor prescribed it he's an imbecile.

There are natural things you can do to relieve depression. Many people have cured their depression without medication. You can even show your mom some research on this. For some ideas on how you might be able to relieve your depression naturally and get off the meds check out this site http://www.online-depression-help.com/depression-self-help.html. There is even a story on this site about a teenage girl who was cutting and used self help techniques to stop without medication.


Difficult to pay attention in ONE of a half dozen classes?
As a growing child you put on TWO pounds in a year?
You are really reaching there, aren't you?

If you don't know why you are taking it, discuss THAT with your doctor. Legally, she can make you take it until you are 18. However, if a doctor determines you don't need it, it is unlikely he will prescribe it.

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