limitless, are the pills for real?!

Question: Limitless, are the pills for real?
Are their actually any type of pills, or form of medicine that can actually make you use most of your brain?


You use all of your brain - it is just that most of it is blocking out the background noise (the sound of your computer fan for example - that blocking effect is called "accommodation" - it is blocking out the smells under your nose in the same way - so that you can pick up new noises and smells more easily - say a faint waft of smoke, or a small noise that could be someone breaking does these things to keep you safe) Your brain is also keeping track of how to type (you have any idea how sophisticated that brain function is?) how to read, keeps you in balance so you don't fall over, keeps the oxygen levels of your blood just right, your intestines moving without your awareness, etc, etc.

Your brain processes about 2 MILLION pieces of input every second. So I have no clue who said we only use 10% of our brain, but that guy was WRONG!

There aren't any drugs like that - but if you enjoyed the theme of that movie, you might enjoy a book called "Neuromancer" by William Gibson.

The title refers to the drugs that all the characters are addicted to in order to maintain a certain level of function. Gibson is considered by some to be the Jules Verne of 80's.

Unfortunately this pill is not real. I think there are supplements you can take that will help you with brain health but I don't think they will turn you into a megamind. Even Einstein didn't use all the potential the brain holds.

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No, they are not. However, Caffeine has been shown to raise alertness and ADHD drugs used by people without ADHD become super studiers...That is about as close as you'll get.

No but I think there's a pill that helps your brain. It might be fish oil but probably not

drink ayahuasca and snort some coke.

Nope sadly not real lol

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