What careers are available in holistic medicine?!

Question: What careers are available in holistic medicine?
I'm going to school for my nursing degree but i have a couple of years to go. I'd like to switch jobs though and I'm looking for something in holistic medicine that i can do in the meantime. Thanx in advance.


Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Holistic Nutrition, Osteopathy, Chiropractic are the main ones. Most of these require a BSc and are min. 4 year programs.

Then you'd better not search for something in holistic medicine.

Nursing is overpaid, but if you don't know to protect yourself, your patients will use you,
GP is more about applied statistics, so you need to memorize a lot of statistical results. Furthermore you need to be convinced that you studied science (while in fact you only studied pseudoscience).
Pharmaceutics is much about chemistry. On the lower level, it looks more or less like science, but on the macro-level, you are again busy with some pseudoscientific statistics. Furthermore, the result of your work may have serious side-effects; again if you like to believe some lies, this job may be appropriate for you, a nice side-effect is this may be highly overpaid... a MBA in marketing is a very useful tool to increase the illusion of the effects of your work :)

It's just your choice how much money you want to earn...
don't try to help people, that's just an illusion...
people can only help themselves.
The less they help themselves, the more work for you, so don't mention their responsabilities...

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