Question about Marijuana ?!

Question: Question about Marijuana ?
ok I smoked Marijuana for the first time on friday and me and a friend got real messed up lol.I didnt really enjoy it though and would prefer alcohol to weed. Any way the problem is im going to the army in 1 yr and 6 months and I want the THC to leave my system. we smoked a type of bud called white shark and it was about 1 cm wide and 1cm in height , It was mixed with tobacco. How long will it take for that to leave my system and is there any way I can speed the process up?


yeah but when they ask you if you ever have just say you did once because my brother lied and came back positive and cant ever go into the military now. it will be well out of you by then, your fine.

They can test you up to a year. So don't worry about it. It'll be long gone. But, they use your hair to test you. So don't do it again.

Weed stays in your system for about 2-4 week I think. The first couple times I smoked I didn't like it that much but it grew on me. I don't know much about tabacco but I do know gatorade helps get rid of weed.

It will leave your system within 48 hours. No worries:)

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