Homeopathic why to reduce stomach gas and acid?!

Question: Homeopathic why to reduce stomach gas and acid?
I seem to be making lots of Gas and Acid by what the Doctors are telling me and they want me to take Nexium. To me it does work yet the side effects are no stomach acid to dissolve food and lower abdominal pain if I use it longer than a month.


There's a Homeopathic biochemic tissue salt in a 6x or 12x potency called Nat. Phos. It seriously reduces gas and hyperacidity if you take it after each meal. And it's dirt cheap.
Yes, Nexium is bad news and long term it will cause even more problems.
Taking a high quality probiotic supplement (15 billion cells per serving) helps to put your digestive system back into shape. Raw cabbage juice 3 times a day is excellent for healing any type of stomach problem (including ulcers). Digestive enzymes following a meal are great too.
You may also want to check out the Alkaline diet for an overall boost to your health as it tends to balance out your entire system. You can get pH test strips to test your urine and saliva. If your system is too acidic it tends to throw your entire body out of whack. Too much processed food, white flour products and sugar are the worst culprits.

I had that A LOT a few years ago. I found that milk helped, bread helped, icewater, apple juice, mashed potatoes with not very much toppings, mild soup. I think the thing that helped the most when my stomach/throat really hurt was the icewater, the really cold water going down helped pretty much immediately, just the cold against the burning sensation was nice, also water dilutes your stomach acids so they aren't so acidic and aggressively attacking your stomach/throat lining. the bread helped just as a filler to give the acid something to digest other than itself. sadly i found that eating really helped, so when my stomach acted up i'd say "well i need a ton of icewater and 3 bagels. which did help, but i gained weight too. Oh also a chinese doctor suggested Ginger. Especially Ginger candy. while quite tasty the ginger candy was sort of hit and miss for me. It seemed to help my stomach, but ginger is also spicy, so my throat and stomach would be burning due to the ginger, but i could tell the acid was mostly neutralized, but there was still a burning sensation, but i like spicy food so i still consider that an upgrade.

i found a non-homeopathic way that helped a lot and didn't require a prescription, i used Pepcid Complete. It has a standard chalky antacid that just soaked up all the acid, and another ingredient that told your stomach to not make so much acid. It doesn't stop making the acid, just not as much. Usually the best results were when i took it with food. sometimes though if my stomach was really bad and i had no access to food i'd just take 1 or 2 pepcid completes and it would get rid of the burn but it did sort of feel like there was a bowling ball in my stomach, not painful though, more of just a wierd feeling. But Pepcid Complete isn't a daily drug, it's meant to be as-needed.

either way make sure you take care of it, because repeated stomach acid attacks can lead to stomach and throat cancer.

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